Laurent Huguelit
The Shamanic Path to Quantum Consciousness
The Eight Circuits of Creative Power

Uniting shamanism and the law of attraction with advanced concepts of modern psychology, quantum physics, and the Akashic field theory of Ervin Laszlo, Laurent Huguelit offers a practical map of human consciousness and the development of the soul as well as a vision for the cybernetic future of shamanism.

“The Shamanic Path to Quantum Consciousness offers deep insights into the diverse levels of human consciousness.Approached from the perspective of the ancient and now ever more popular philosophy of shamanism, it reaches a pinnacle at the eighth level with quantum consciousness--the same concept I identified using a scientific analysis to define the next development in the evolution of the human mind. This is a remarkable confluence of two entirely different perspectives.”

Ervin Laszlo
Nobel Prize nominee ,
author of Science and the Akashic Field

“The work of Laurent Huguelit—cartographer of the psyche, explorer of the soul and invisible worlds—allows shamanism to become an evolutionary tool more accessible to our Western world.”

Stéphane Allix
Founder and director of INREES
Instiute of Research, Paris

The Shamanic Path to Quantum Consciousness is an excellent tool for mature readers who are also fans of Timothy Leary, those not necessarily needing a spiritual experience but wanting to explore their own minds and souls on a deeper level.”

Allyson Gracie
Pilates and Yoga Instructior
Retailing Insight, January 2014


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